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Vibrational healing offers you the opportunity to experience new levels of self-awareness, come into your personal power and heal gently at your own pace. 

When you release energetic blocks keeping you stuck in unwanted patterns, and heal past programs and negative beliefs, you become free to think new thoughts, make different choices and move your life in a new direction.

I invite you to explore the services I offer to help people experience powerful healing transformations.

Kathryn Rose
Vibrational Healer and Instructor

The care I offer comes from a passion to give others hope and empower them to move beyond barriers that keep them feeling un-well or unable to move forward to the next step in their healing.

I understand what it is like to struggle with physical and emotional issues. For many years I lived with physical symptoms, deep depression, chronic fatigue and pain as a result of trauma and illness. I was incapable of functioning in the world, unable to work or socialize. Traditional medicine compounded my existing issues, leaving me worse off and with little hope of recovery.

I continued to search for help and discovered Vibrational Healing. This helped me address the underlying emotional, mental and spiritual issues that were keeping my body from getting well. Going through this process, I finally began to heal. My body responded and I felt better. My hope returned and I could envision a future again.

My healing inspired me to help others and I began a Vibrational Healing practice in 2002.  I use healing methods that have helped me recover my health and continue on a path of self-awareness and spiritual growth. I have helped hundreds of people transform their lives by addressing the underlying blocks that are keeping them stuck.

Foundation for Healing

Healing happens when you create a good foundation for change. Chasing symptoms or controlling outcomes can lead to years of frustration without improvement. 

I help you to understand that if you change your energy you can change the direction of your life. You become free from old programming and energies that keep you reacting to your past. You let go of unresolved conflicts and learn to work with your intuition and guidance.

The process I take you through combines private sessions, group healing, and a daily practice, that when used together, creates a foundation for positive, meaningful and lasting change. 

Family Tree Healing Practitioner
Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner
MAP Practitioner
One Brain Practitioner
Instructor of Vibrational Healing with Sound and Energy
Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor
White Light Reiki Master Teacher
Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher 


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Kathryn Rose Vibrational Healing

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