Daily Energy Send Program

You accumulate and create energies every day through your thoughts, experiences and interactions with others.  
Receiving consistent clearing and healing on a daily basis helps you stay balanced, clear and less reactive to life's challenges. 

"Every day I look forward to connecting to the energies. I notice that my days are no longer full of anxiety. I can focus better now and I find myself sleeping really well. I wake up rested and excited to start my day." 

Daily Clearing is Important

The Daily Energy Send program ensures that you receive the benefits of a daily healing practice.

We pick up and create energies every day as a result of our thoughts and experiences.  They can influence how we think and feel and even the choices we make. Daily clearing  allows you to feel balanced, clear and focused as you deal with the ups and downs of daily life.

You will receive healing vibrations daily and can choose to direct them to your specific needs or healing goals. Even if you don't think about it, your higher self knows what it needs and will receive it from these healing vibrations. 

Active participation is ideal, but even if you are too busy to participate, this program ensures that you get the benefits of a daily healing practice that supports your health, happiness and well-being. 

You may also register others who you would like to receive some support or healing. It’s a wonderful way to support your loved ones with whatever they are going through. 

Use the link below to set up your subscription. If you would like to try it prior to subscribing you can sign up for just one month.

One Month

"My spiritual life path has taken off from day one of signing up for the daily energy send. The beautiful and powerful transmissions I have tapped into to receive have intensified the manifestation of my intention...like a booster on a rocket!"


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