Foundation for Healing

Healing happens when you create a good foundation for change. Chasing symptoms or controlling outcomes can lead to years of frustration without improvement.

The process I take you through combines private sessions, group healing, and a daily practice, that when used together, creates a foundation for positive, meaningful and lasting change.

I help you to understand that if you change your energy you can change the direction of your life. You become free from old programming and energies that keep you reacting to your past. You let go of unresolved conflicts and learn to work with your intuition and guidance to move forward and create the life you desire.

6 Private Sessions

These sessions allow us to do a thorough clearing, deep healing and bring more clarity and understanding to what your soul is focusing on and support you in walking your souls chosen path with  balance, understanding and forgiveness.

Session 1  Prepare You and Your Guidance
Clear blocks to healing and prepare you and your guidance to work as a team to support your healing goals. 

Session 2  Soul Clearing
Clear current and past life incarnational programs, patterns and energies that are ready for your mindful action and healing. Disconnect from negative motivations and interference.

Session 3  Family Tree
Clear family programs and ancestral loyalties and traumas from 20 generations and heal your family tree so it supports your present life.

Session 4  Soul Family
Clear programs and challenges you share with soul family members ????s

Session 5  Body 
Clear and heal, memories, programs stored in the brains, bodies: organs,  glands and nervous system.  Activate and harmonize the chakra system.  

Session 6  Healing
Download of Spiritual Healing vibrations and direct energy send. Balance  and stabilize body, energy field and aura. Set up for ongoing automatic healing. 


6 Months in the Monthly Clearing Program

Enrollment in the Monthly Clearing Program. Six consecutive months of deep clearing and powerful healing of issue that impact all areas of life. Supports you in between sessions and helps you create more peace, joy and abundance in your life.  keeping them clear in between session. 


6 Months in the Daily Energy Send Program

Receiving consistent clearing and healing on a daily basis helps you stay balanced, clear and less reactive to life's challenges. Ensures that you have a simple daily healing practice to support your healing goal and continued work with your intuition and guidance.

"These sessions changed my life!
I struggled for years....."


Schedule a free 20 minute consultation. Find out how my sessions and programs can help you with your healing goals.  No pressure or obligation.

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