Business Clearing 

Energy that doesn't match or support the goals of your business can keep you from reaching the level of success you are striving for.

A Business clearing  will support your business in its growth and prosperity and create a healthy working environment.

Open the Channels for Prosperity

Each business has its own unique divine purpose and potential. There are many energetic and physical steps involved in creating and running a business. When all steps are aligned with that purpose and potential, then it is productive, successful and business flows easily.

Your business can develop energetic blocks and accumulate negative energy that cause your business to fall out of alignment with its divine purpose and potential. This causes disharmony that can show up in many ways, like your income not matching your efforts or having a great idea but struggling to put it into action. It can even result in people just not responding to your product or services.

Blocks can occur at any of the many steps or stages of a business, from the creation process to the daily tasks. The blocks can be created by your fears, struggles, conflicts, unconscious motivations, and more. Your personal issues and even difficulties among employees can cause misalignment.

Clearing your business will open the channels for prosperity, abundance and success! It will re-align all aspects of your business with it's highest vibration and highest potential. It will bring renewed positive energy and intention into your business.

All businesses can benefit from regular clearing. 

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