Family Tree Clearing 

Your personal challenges and family dysfunction can be the result of unresolved conflict and trauma passed down through your family tree.

Family tree clearing can release and clear patterns that lead to illness, financial difficulties, abuse and addiction in individuals and families.

"After having the family tree clearing, I noticed that I relate to my mother and sisters in a more positive way. I no longer feel resentment from the past."

Healing your Family

Your ancestors' unresolved conflicts, pain or traumas can be passed onto you.  At a soul level, you choose to take it on in an effort to heal it for them. You then unconsciously react to the unhealed energies, which can create unwanted patterns and challenges in your life. 

For example, your ancestor may have lost their fortune through a bad investment decision, devastating their life. If they were unable to make peace with this traumatic event, that unhealed energy would move forward and show up in your life.  

These energies may show up in a similar area of your life causing you financial challenges or in other ways, like difficulty trusting yourself to make decisions, manifesting,  or even feeling guilty and not knowing why. The energies can affect everything from your relationships to your health.

Clearing your family tree allows you to stop struggling to overcome problems that are not yours and begin living your own life. Your healing efforts can now work to move you toward your goals.

You heal this for you, your ancestor and you stop the pattern from moving to your children and other descendants of your family tree. 

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