After a Session

Since everyone experiences energy differently, each person's experience of a session will be unique. Sessions are typically gentle, deeply relaxing and extremely powerful. Most clients feel lighter, more focused, clear, balanced and very peaceful after a session.

Clearing and healing continue even after the session ends. It is possible to feel tired, experience emotions or release toxins as old dense energies are released. If more is coming up and it feels uncomfortable that is great, as we clear layers more will rise to the surface and a variety of emotions may arise as you begin to awaken and clear the patterns and layers.

Your nervous system is receiving healing energies that it may not be accustomed to and this may cause tiredness as it learns to acclimate to higher vibrations. This is temporary and usually lifts shortly after the session ends.

I recommend drinking plenty of water, eating healthy foods, some gentle exercise or movement and proper rest in the days following a session. 

Take time to notice how you are feeling and what is coming up for your awareness. Many find it valuable to journal the insights they receive from sessions.

If there are questions after the conclusion of your session, feel free to contact me. Some questions may be handled easily by email while for others a consultation may be more appropriate.

Conscious Mind Work

Clearing only takes you so far. The conscious mind work assigned after a session is an important part of the process and helps the shift and transformation. This may consist of releasing statements, affirmations or visualizations designed to support the session.

The releasing statements and affirmations are clearing and healing as you work with them, and you may or may not feel anything when you are repeating them. Keep in mind that they are not meant to make you feel a specific way or relieve symptoms, but to continue the work of your session and ground it.

Medical Disclaimer

If you have a medical condition or an illness please continue your treatment under medical supervision. Information offered on this website and the distance healing services offered by Kathryn Rose Vibrational Healing are not a substitution for medical diagnosis or care.


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