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Health is a condition of body, mind and soul. Often we are only addressing the physical body. We have to heal at all levels of our being. If we don’t, something is always going to be off and we’re not going to feel the wholeness and wellness that we are seeking.

"I can't wait to do another clearing session. for the first time I feel like I have control over my life,like healing is not only possible, but within reach." 

Allow Healing to Flow

You do not have to make healing happen; you need to remove the blocks and allow it to flow. When you have a physical issue there is almost always an emotional, mental and spiritual levels that needs healing as well. So when you focus only on physical healing it can show little or no improvement.

The energy we create and store from our thoughts, beliefs and experiences either facilitates our healing or interferes with it and sometimes even blocks us from healing altogether.

For example, you have a health issue and it shows up as pain or lack of function in an area of the body. But you may not be aware that you are storing an emotional energy of hopelessness that your body is responding to. It may be influencing every effort you make to improve your condition and results in creating beliefs that nothing you do to help yourself works.

Each monthly session explores a different issue. We clear patterns and programming that are ready for your awareness, mindful action and healing. Regular clearing and understanding the beliefs you operate from allows you to feel more in control of your life and your healing. You move forward with clarity and confidence, feeling empowered to make positive changes.

This program was created at the request of Minding Your Soul to clear blocks to healing from Multiple Sclerosis and support health, happiness and well-being. It is open to everyone who has MS.

Our bodies hold the stories and energies of our past experiences. Clearing creates space in the body for healing and brings freedom for new experiences and new ways of thinking. 

Subscription Benefits

Monthly Clearing Sessions.
This group meets on the 4th Saturday of each month at 11:00 am EST via Zoom for a one-hour customized session on the monthly topic.

Access to Session Recordings. Review session content and repeat sessions for deeper clearing, healing and insights. You won't miss a session and can participate from any time zone.

Free Membership in the Daily Energy Send Program. Receive healing energies and regular clearing every day to support your healing goals.

Free Alignment Call. Become aligned with your healing goals and understand how to get the most out of your subscription.

Use the link below to set up your subscription. If you would like to try a session prior to subscribing, you can sign up for just one month.

One Month


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