Having a consistent practice of clearing and healing is vital
to our physical and spiritual health

Group Healing

Clearing and healing are cumulative. The more you do it the more benefits you will receive. Regular clearing frees up your energy to cope with life’s stresses and allows access to those deeper blocks that when healed, allow transformation to take place.

These programs allow you to receive ongoing clearing and healing.  Each one has its' unique purpose and intention, all of them supporting an even and balanced life. Your vibration will become higher, you gain more clarity and will have more energy to support you with life's challenges.

Working with a group is extremely powerful. Each session is customized to the group's energy. Combined with the power of the group, this increases the strength of clearing and healing exponentially, allowing you to clear more than you would on your own. Each members energy supports the other members healing. There is no group discussion, just gentle and relaxing healing.

Use the links above to learn more and find a program that provides the support you are looking for.


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