Souls in Recovery

Souls In Recovery is a healing meditation for people who are recovering from addiction. It is free to everyone in recovery.

Reconnecting to Truth

I was inspired to offer this meditation as a way of expressing my deep gratitude to a community that has been instrumental in helping members of my family recover from addiction.

The meditation is gentle and relaxing and provides deep clearing and powerful healing to support your health, happiness and well-being, your sobriety and recovery from addiction.

It helps release and heal the unconscious blocks that keep you energetically tied to old perceptions of yourself, that are still impacting your self esteem and sense of self, and reconnects you to the highest truth of who you really are as a spiritual being, infinitely loved and supported by God, Source and Spirit.

The meditation is an audio recording that takes approximately 15 minutes. All you have to do is relax, listen and be open to receiving healing. Each time you repeat the meditation you will receive more clearing and deeper healing.

This meditation is not sponsored by any organization and is not a substitute for any program or therapy. It is intended only as additional support and to address the energetic aspect of addiction.

Use the link below to receive the meditation recording. Your email address will not be used for solicitation and you may unsubscribe at any time. 

With Much Gratitude,  Kathryn Rose



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