Space Clearing 

The energy of your home and work space can negatively affect your emotions and energy level. Space clearing transforms and removes negative energies that can leave you feeling distressed and unmotivated.

"I used to have difficulty relaxing and I thought there was something wrong with me. I'm now able to relax and my home feels peaceful and like a safe haven."

A Healthy Home

The energy of your home and work space plays a vital role in your health and happiness. Energies accumulate from past owners and current occupants and stay in the space, impacting you without your awareness.

You also create energies through your personal conflicts, illnesses and traumas. that remain even after the issues are resolved, lowering the vibration of your space. As you interact in the world, energies from other people and places can attach to you and be brought into your space, disrupting the harmony of your home life.

These energies can cause problems like negative repetitive thoughts, depression, feeling drained of energy, even impacting children's or pets  behavior. Your space can feel heavy and oppressive making it difficult to relax or be productive. 

Space clearing transforms and removes negative energies to create a peaceful and positive space where you can feel lighter, happier and more open to life.

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"I love my mother but when she comes to visit she brings a lot of drama with her. After she leaves, my house always has this kind of chaotic feeling to it. I have it cleared and then it feels normal again." 


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